What to see and do in Romagna, including entertainment, history and culture

Gatteo Mare a few kilometres from Cesenatico and Rimini allows you to enjoy total relaxation with all the nuances of the Adriatic Riviera. With its nearby beach, you can enjoy an active life and carefree well-being without a single worry. Here are some suggestions for spending your holiday in Romagna.

The Theme Parks

If you are looking for an idea to spend a crazy day of your holiday with your children, theme parks are the right choice for you.
Oltremare and Aquafan in Riccione are both water parks. The former is home to a beautiful lagoon with dolphins, and a place where shows and entertainment are available, while the second is a large water park with slides and swimming pools.
The Aquarium in Cattolica is dedicated to sea creatures and the sea world, with truly interesting educational paths to follow.
Fiabilandia in Rimini is dedicated to children and the wonder of fairytales.
Italia in Miniatura offers all the wonders of Italy on a mini-scale, providing an amazing journey around the “Boot” on a reduced scale.
Lastly, in Lido di Savio we find Mirabilandia, the largest theme park in the region with its thrilling rides for all tastes.


The true excellent of Romagna are its historical villages and towns. There are so many locations still in tact after so much time, each with its own legends to tell.
Ravenna, a city of art, is a gorgeous jewel from the Romanesque and Byzantine period. It has prestigious archaeological sites such as the Mausoleo di Teodorico and the Basilica di Sant’Apollinare.
Bertinoro is a medieval town that was ruled over by the Malatesta Lords, until it became the property of the Vatican Church. It is called the “balcony of Romagna” thanks to the beautiful panorama that can be enjoyed from its main square. Santarcangelo di Romagna which was the birthplace of the poet Tonino Guerra, is a large town that has preserved the rhythms and cohesion of village life, including its aristocratic palaces and characteristic lanes and alleys.

San Marino, a medieval town perched on top of Monte Titano, with its crenellated walls, is a small independent state that has the prerogative of being the oldest Republic in the world.

And how can we not mention our beautiful Rimini? Just like Romagna, this town has so many different nuances: the Arco d’Augusto and Ponte di Tiberio are proof of its Roman splendour; Tempio Malatestiano and the Rocca bear witness to its medieval and Renaissance era, and Borgo San Giuliano – with its painted walls – is a perfect reminder of the life of the film director Federico Fellini, who was born here.